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Cruise Over Monsoon Seas at 75 Knots in Total Comfort

         Velocity 30 Hovercraft Hull  is  Identical with  Hoverflight 30 Wing in Ground Effect Hovercraft

 Hoverflight 30 Wing In Ground Effect Hovercraft and Velocity 30 Hovercraft are Identical with the exception Hoverflight 30   Flies Over the Sea at 75 Knots Regardless of Sea  States. Ideal for High Speed Travel Over Monsoon Seas  


Hoverflight 30 is ideal for long range offshore military, customs, rescue  patrol.  If payload of 30 passenger or cargo is replaced with diesel fuel, range will increase to over 2,000 Nautical miles. Similar to a Catalina Seaplane.


Luxury Interiors to Customer Specifications. Ideal Super Yatch Tender

Seating Layout, Showing Full Height Cabin and Side Deck

Passenger Ferry Layout 

Luxury or Coastal Patrol Layout      Ideal Super Yatch Tender


Easy access into air-conditioned Cabin.    

                                    Silent 4.27 metre ducted seven blade,                                            pitch in motion 700 RPM propeller.  World first technology.

  see simulator HoverFlight test flight scenes

Velocity 30 Hoverflight 30
Hull length
17.00 m 17.00 m
Hull width
  7.00 m   7.00 m
Cabin length
 8.25 m  8.25 m
Cabin width
  4.30 m  4.30 m
Cabin height
  1.90 m   1.90 m
  1.75m   1.75 m
Single 935HP Doosan  V12 Diesel Engine Single  935HP Doosan  V12 Diesel Engine
Propeller diameter.
  4.27 m   4.27 m
Hull above water
  1.00 m   1.00 m
Empty weight
  6.00 ton**   7.00 ton**
Payload weight
  3.00 ton   3.00 ton
Speed - max.
  50 knots 80 knots
Speed - cruising
  35 knots 75 knots
  30 plus luggage 30 plus luggage
Cruise in Open Ocean Force 6 Wing In Ground Effect Hovercraft.



Hoverflight 30 represents A High Profit Business opportunity for passenger ferry operators requiring High Speed Passenger Transport over adverse sea state at cruise speed of 75 knots.  In the Middle East Gulf Region, Maldives Islands, Asian Islands, Caribbean Islands have many resorts that require travel over rough seas of 70 Nautical miles. Their customers travel at an average speed of 25 knots  at a three hour travel time, encountering adverse monsoon  seas for some months of the year.  Sea sickness is a result and customer often never return. Hoverflight travels over the sea tat 75 knots 5 to 10 meters over the sea. As there are no updrafts or downdrafts, (as with sea planes using this method of travel in the 1940's) there is no motion sickness. Only a smooth ride where the food and champagne never spill.  Passengers return again and again to their favourite Holiday destination.

Maldives Profitability Example

In the Maldives, an air ticket in a six passenger aircraft can cost up to $120.00 USD per hour. They have over 200 resorts on individual islands.  The old current seaplanes cannot deliver the 1.5 million visitors per year. Seaplanes do not land at night as it is difficult to determine the drift to port or starboard.  Landing speeds are normally 90 Knots. Hoverflight has a hovercraft skirt that allows the craft to land with a heading 30 degrees of track. The slow landing speed of 45 knots together with our skirt system allows the Hoverflight to land in adverse seas impossible with a seaplanes today.  Passenger load on Hoverflight 30 is 30 passengers.  Assume passenger numbers average 25 throughout the year. 


25 passengers x $120 = $3,000 Per flying hour.

10 flights per day gives revenue of $30,000 per day.

Revenue for 300 days per year is $9,000,000 per year.

Cost of operations is about  25% of the revenue.

This increases business to the resorts adding revenue to each individual business.

Spreadsheet that Automatically Calculates Your Cash flow for Your Individual Operations. Contact us and we will e-mail to you.

E-mail us and we will send you a spreadsheet to work out your own profitably. Included will be fuel costs, all  running costs, payback period, labour, maintenance and other costs.

You can change the items in blue fields to work out your profitability.

Please provide you full contact details, where you will use the Hoverflight, passenger numbers, estimated cost per ticket, distance to be travel and when you might consider making a purchase.

Aviation Engineering Software

The following Pictures are from our Aviation Engineering Software used for Design and Flight Testing of Hoverflight 90.  The Hoverflight is designed in this software similar to most CAD software such as AutoCAD or Solid Works and then flown via  this programme.  Most aircraft manufactures use this  or similar programmes for all new aircraft. When the Hoverflight or aircraft is built exactly in accordance to the design in the software, the proven accuracy rate is more than 97.5% when compared to the actual flying performance of the finished aircraft.  This software proves the craft is straightforward to fly with minimal training to experienced sea captains with aviation experience.  Our Wing in Ground Effect craft have also been compared to many seaplanes of similar type such as the Do-X of Germany, the American Catalina, (the world most mass produced seaplane) and many others.

Construction Materials

All construction is of marine materials for salt water open ocean travel surveyed to International Marine Organization Regulations by international class societies.


 These craft standard retail price is a low $3,00,000 Australian dollars for our standard passenger ferry. Luxury,  Coastal Parol, Customs and Military Hoverflights will .at the same price plus any additional work to ensure the Hoverflight  will meet mission requirements.

As we are manufactures, not bankers, we can only accept a deposit with progress payments throughout the building process. The final 10% payment will be on delivery of the Hoverflight 90 before it leaves Australia.

Joint Ventures.

We are interested in becoming Joint Venture partners with Cashed Up Clients who operate in the fare paying passenger market.  The profits are far higher than we could ever hope to make from manufacturing these craft. We can provide captains, maintenance people, and all other operational staff. Our staff will ensure your Hoverflight  is flown safely, well maintained and the passengers will be well looked after with on board movies, food, drinks in a safe air-conditioned environment.  Customers who partner with the manufacture are assured every area of operations will be professionally managed as it will be in our best interests to do so.  It is highly likely profitability will be greater under a Joint Venture Arrangement than a solo operation.

Investors Wanted for Franchise Operations.

Investors who require a huge return on their investments on an ongoing basis are encouraged to meet with our team.  We would like to meet with professional investors and mangers to spread Australian Hovercraft through-out the world. We are considering and operation very similar to fast food chains such as McDonalds Restaurant or a BP petrol station.  We set up a profitable operation then sell this operation to individual operators. Like all Franchises the owners of the franchise will have to comply to the franchise agreement that ensures clean toilets, safe food, uniforms on all staff, electronic accounting records, operations only within well maintained craft to the franchise agreement and other normal requirements.  The history of Franchise owners is far better profitability then owner operators and the business are normally long term and gain considerable profits when they sell their franchise before retirement. 



HoverFlight = Wing in Ground-effect
All craft hulls built to IMO specifications
Specifications may be change to suit customers requirements


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